Architecture Exhibition: February 15 – March 31, 2021

Forum of the Sparkasse Ulm, Hans-und Sophie-Scholl-Platz 2 , 89073 Ulm, Germany

Concept studies by Master students of the HfT Stuttgart for an Albert Einstein Discovery Center in Ulm


The concept studies show different designs for the Albert Einstein Discovery Center at two possible locations (both sites have been officially approved for analysis by the city planning mayor of Ulm, Tim von Winning):

  • Location A – Blaubeuer Ring: the undeveloped site next to railroad at the Blaubeurer Ring und
  • Location B – Theater Viertel: parking lot next to the Ulmer Theater.

All plans for the concept studies can be found here (due to lack of space at the exhibition, only a selection can be seen onsite)

We would be pleased if you give us input by voting for your favorite!

Official presentation video (in German)

Student presentation (in German)

The students’ works in detail (in German):


1 – Özkan Özkapaci

2 – Stefan Tolksdorf


7 – Matthias Gensmantel

8 – Muhammed Gönan

9 – Freddi Dengler

10 – Marc Strohmaier

11 – Annalena Baumann

12 – Anja Seuchz-Wirth

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