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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ketterle

Nobel Prize winner Physics 2001

»Now it is the right time to display the commemoration and the science of Albert Einstein in an Albert Einstein Discovery Center.«

Prof. Dr. Bert Sakmann

Nobel Prize winner Physiology/Medicine 1991

»Doing Science is fun! Let’s make it happen in the Albert Einstein Discovery Center in Ulm.«

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Genzel

Nobel Prize winner Physics 2020

»A 100 years after Albert Einstein laid the foundations for General Relativity, we have just begun to experimentally explore black holes. They are fascinating experimental laboratories for studying General Relativity. My work is therefore directly related to Einstein's theories, and hence the Discovery Center in Ulm has my full support. I hope that this project will also help to get young people excited about the science of tomorrow and the future.«