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Association T-Shirts

Our very popular and unique Association T-shirt can be purchased by donating 10,- Euro per shirt. The black shirts with white imprint are available in all children sizes, ladies sizes from XS to XXL and men sizes from XS to XXXL.

You can get your T-shirt during opening hours at our office in Bessererstraße 13-15 or order it by phone or email. We will send it to you by mail for a small fee. The T-shirts are also available at our events and information booths.

Booklet “Albert Einsteins vegetarische/vegane Küche entdecken” (“Discover Albert Einstein’s Vegetarian/Vegan kitchen”)

One of our 14 working groups took Einstein’s quote

“Nothing will increase the chance of survival on Earth like the step toward a
vegetarian diet”

as an occasion to publish a booklet which on the one hand tells the reader about Albert Einstein’s everyday life, his habits and preferences, and on the other hand contains delicious and simple recipes that invite you to try them.

“Karl Keinstein”, the well-known city guide in Ulm volunteered for the photos which were taken in the Ulm and Neu-Ulm Museum, so that the relationship to Einstein’s birthplace Ulm is also established.

The German version is now available at the office.