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Visitor Orientation

Regardless of age, education, language or culture, each visitor will be warmly welcomed to the Albert Einstein Discovery Center.
Knowledgeable guides and tour leaders will be available for those who need them. The architectural design, personnel, location and ambience will be optimized to make visitors comfortable and receptive to the world of a genius without intimidating them.

Extracurricular Learning

The Albert Einstein Discovery Center will be a unique extracurricular learning venue and will offer a variety of learning opportunities, especially for young persons. We will recognize scientific inclination, motivate young people to tackle scientific topics, and give them possibilities to explore phenomena on their own or with guidance. We will work with the educators of Ulm to develop enrichment programs to give their students in-depth looks into science, which will affect all of them in their future lives, whether or not they have a STEM career.

Learning Organization

We want to continuously develop the Albert Einstein Discovery Center in all areas and to ensure innovation by incorporating the latest findings in science and technology. The work culture is characterized by the personal and professional training of employees, giving them equal rights, respect and appreciation.


We want to provide teachers and educators with attractive, easy-to-use materials for enhancing science education.

Other Experiences

In addition to the permanent exhibits, the Discovery Center will host special limited-time events that further its mission. These could include any or all of the following: installations, lectures by renowned scientists from all over the world, scientific symposia, multi-day seminars open to the public, workshops and even theatrical and musical performances. A possible example would be to bring Phillip Glass’s “Einstein at the Beach”, which has been performed in opera houses all over the world, to Ulm.