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When was the Association founded?

The Association was founded in 2016.

What is the purpose of the Association?

To found and build an ‘Albert Einstein Discovery Center’.

Who are our spokespersons?

Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA USA and Prof. Bert Sakmann, Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology and TU Munich are spokespersons of our Albert Einstein Discovery Center.

Both are Nobel Prize winners. Prof. Ketterle received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001 for “Generating Bose-Einstein Condensation in Dilute Gases” and Prof. Sakmann received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1991 for developing the patch-clamp technique for measuring charge transport through cell membranes.

How many members do we have?

Our association currently has over 700 members. Most of the members are from Ulm and the surrounding area.

[as of October 2020]

Who are the members?

Our members include lawyers, teachers, artists, (natural) scientists, engineers, architects, politicians, actors, marketing experts and curious people. We want to promote our idea locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

How to become a member?

To become a member, please fill out the membership application online. Click here for the declaration of membership.

How much does a membership cost?

A membership costs 25€/year for individuals, 35€/year for families and 0€/year for students (for the first 3 years). At this rate, communication with the association is by e-mail. If the communication is to take place by mail, all memberships are 5€/year more expensive.

What's the point of membership?

The members support the association and the project to build an Albert Einstein Discovery Center in Ulm.
As a member you will receive information about the progress of the project.
Furthermore, there are activities (e.g. excursions to the Technorama in Winterthur / or to the Experimenta in Heilbronn or there are lectures for members or regulars’ tables, etc.).

NOTE: Members are welcome to take on tasks

What are the duties of a member? Do you have obligations as a member?

As a member of the Albert Einstein Discovery Center Association you have no obligations.
You may participate in activities/members meetings/information stands etc. – but you do not have to.

How can a company become a sponsor of the association?

If a company is interested in sponsoring the association, it is possible to contact the board to arrange a meeting.

Voluntary donations can easily be transferred at any time. Here you can find further information. We will also be happy to provide you with donation receipts if required.

Can the T-shirts be bought at the office?

Yes, the T-shirts can be bought at the office in Bessererstraße 13-15 in Ulm for 10€/piece.

Discovery Center

Why does the association want to build an Albert Einstein Discovery Center?

Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in Ulm. He is one of the most famous people in the world. We want there to be a worthy monument for him in Ulm. The Discovery Center should become a tourist magnet, a jewel and part of the science city in the middle of Ulm. We think that this Discovery Center will promote the MINT subjects and can thus become an important source of inspiration for education & technology.

What is this Discovery Center?

The ‘Albert Einstein Discovery Center’ will be a place where you can meet the person Albert Einstein, technological developments in Ulm in Einstein’s time, Einstein’s theories, modern technologies and natural science. The centre aims to arouse the interest and fascination of young and old and to stimulate them to think.

Originally we used the name ‘Albert Einstein Museum with Science Center’. But then we decided to change the term ‘museum’ because it is generally associated with high financial grants and sounds old-fashioned.

What is the 3-in-1 exhibition concept?

Science Center: Modern hands-on science exhibition that brings physics and science to life and is also related to Einstein’s work

  • Einstein as a physicist – his theories in current technology.
  • Albert Einstein and Ulm in the time around 1879 and afterwards

The three-part concept includes offers for a wide range of visitors:

(1) The visitor interested in experiments can explore physical phenomena.
(2) The technically interested visitor who is excited about Einstein’s theories and their application in everyday life and in the scientific community.
(3) The historically interested visitor, who is primarily interested in the life and work of Albert Einstein and how it fits into a historical and political context of the time and the city of Ulm.

Where will the center be built?

There is no reserved space for the center yet. We prefer a place directly at the ZOB or near the former birthplace of Albert Einstein. But there are other possible locations near the main station that are being discussed by the city.

How large should the center be?

Our concept envisages a space requirement of 7,000-10,000 sqm.

When is the center planned to be built?

The timing depends not only on the resources for financing, but also on the location. If, for example, the central bus station can become the future location, it will not be available until 2022 after the construction of the parking garage. From our point of view, it would be an important prestige object for the city of Ulm if a presentable result could be available by March 14, 2029 (Einstein’s 150th birthday).

Has the city been informed of our plans?

Yes. The mayor, the building mayor and the cultural mayor have been informed and have received our concept. We have personally presented our goals to the Mayor and have held talks with all factions of the city council and informed them.

What is the current status?

We are currently working on raising our profile, acquiring donations, developing a business plan and establishing a platform for crowdfunding.


How can you buy plaques?

The plaque can be ordered online from a donation amount of 100€ in the shop under: or can be picked up at the office in Bessererstraße 13-15 in Ulm.

Here you can find the opening hours of our office.

To which countries do you ship?

The plaque is available for purchase worldwide but is limited in delivery to countries of the European Union only.

Donation receipt - where do you get it from? Is it always enclosed?

Yes. A donation receipt is included with the plaque in the package.

Is it possible to donate without purchasing the plaque?

The Albert Einstein Discovery Center e.V. gladly accepts one-time or regular donations. You can find more information about sponsoring here.